View Full Version : Multi Sheet Film Loader + Film Holder

Jon Miller
29-Jul-2000, 15:43
About a week ago I had an idea for a new device. The device would have two compo nents. The first component holds multiple sheets of film. Lets say 20 sheets. Yo u load this device in complete darkness. The second component is a film holder t hat docks into the first device. Through some mechanical action (no electricity needed) a sheet is transfered from the multi-sheet film holder to the single she et film holder. The single sheet film holder would operate like any other standa rd film holder. Is there anybody in this group interested in perhaps developing a product like this?

paul owen
29-Jul-2000, 17:16
Jon, Great idea!! IMHO only one problem, if you have to load the device with 20 sheets in the dark, wouldn't it be as easy to load 10 double dark slides instead. This way you do not need the extra weight (?) of the multi-holder and the single holder. Maybe I'm missing something?? Regards and best of luck. Paul

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
29-Jul-2000, 19:14
Didn't Graflex already do this?

James Chow
29-Jul-2000, 21:11
Fujifilm markets this apparatus in Japan, called "Quickchange." There's a skeleton holder (costs about 20,000 yen) and a sealed cartridge containing the sheets of film. You load the cartridge in the holder and pull out a handle and push it back in to load a fresh sheet. You then submit the entire exposed cartridge to the prolab and it's recycled. It's modelled after the grafmatics backs. You can supposedly reload the cartridges yourself (I have seen them disassembled..doesn't look difficult).

Ellis Vener
29-Jul-2000, 21:51
There was a mechanical device looking for a distributor about ten years ago, sor t of a motor drive for 4x5. Bob Saloman knows more about it as HP was considering it. If you look up the thread about motor drive for 4x5. The problem was evidently getting the film down and in place, clean and secure on a consistent basis. Then QuickLoads and Readyloads hit the market and that was evi dently the end of that. Previous to Quickloads came Polaroid Prochrome which was Fuji film ( 100D and 64T) in Polaroid sleeeves and designed to work in Polaroid 545 holders. I assisted and modeled in one of the marketing posters (the one of the Turbine shot by Mark Green), That's me on the left.