View Full Version : Fuji Quickload Color Negative Film

Steven C. Parker
15-May-2000, 10:23
I bought a Fuji Quickload back for my 4x5 camera and have used the Fuji color tr ansparancy film with good results. I would like to use color negative quickload s but I can not find anyone who sells them in the Washington D.C. area. Does an yone know where I can get Fuju color negative quickload film? I will even order it through the mail if I have to.

15-May-2000, 10:38
Don't know aout anywhere in US, but for mailorder try www.robertwhite.co.uk he should be able to help you if you can't find a more local solution.

Donald Brewster
15-May-2000, 12:38
I ordered a box each of both B/W and Color Negative film from Robert White about a month or so ago. He carries it, a good price, and very quick and convenient shipping to the U.S. Nice guy too. You might also try Jeff at Badger Graphics in Wisconsin: http://www.badgergraphic.com

Scott Walton
16-May-2000, 22:58
Try W.B. Hunt's (Melrose, MA) www.wbhunt.com They ship very fast and are a great store. Scott

Larry Huppert
18-May-2000, 18:10
In the US, Fuji doesn't import color negative film (NPS, NPL) in Quickload. Places like B&H, which deal heavily in grey market film don't offer it either. You might also check Canadian dealers. I also wish Fuji would make it available in the US.