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Kevin M Bourque
1-Jan-2007, 10:09
Hi All -

I may have a chance to spend a few days in and around the Keys, camera in hand (or on tripod). I'm open to most anything...funky architecture, swamps, time-warp enclaves of burn-outs from from the 60's...you name it. It'll probably be in the last two weeks of the month. Any suggestions?

Andrew O'Neill
1-Jan-2007, 11:12
watch out for them gators!

Brian Ellis
1-Jan-2007, 15:36
I lived in Florida for many years and spent maybe two weeks altogether in Key West. Key West has some very interesting architecture, some of the old residences, Ernest Hemingway's house, Harry Truman's Key West White House, funky stores and bars on Duval street, that kind of thing. It also can have spectacular sunsets off the downtown pier where people typically gather to watch the sunsets (so get there early if you do color sunsets). And if you're into portrait photographer there are plenty of weird characters walking around, especially near the fishing and houseboat docks. But just walking around the downtown area should produce some interesting stuff.

I didn't think much of the area for landscape photography but then I was from Florida so it was same old-same old to me. If you like palm trees and sand then you might find the landscape interesting. It seems to me that I looked around Marathon and Islamorada and didn't see anything of great photographic interest at either place but I didn't spend any real time there. Key West should be enough by itself if you'll only be in the area for a few days though someone else may know more than I do about the other keys.

Joseph O'Neil
5-Jan-2007, 07:27
I spent a week in the Keys last February, and hope to spend another week this coming Feb, if all goes well.

the Keys are quite large - a good three hour drive form Key Large to Key West. Key West is the finest place for older buildings, architechure, etc. The Lower Keys, such as Big pine, etc, are the best for wildlife, nature, etc, IMO. The bridges are net, but harder to photograph than you can imagine.

Anyhow, my suggestion is stay in or around the lower Keys and Key West. The Key West Cemetery is phenominal, and Fort Zachary Taylor, a Civil war era fort in Key West is pretty good too.

I have a couple images on my web site from the Keys:


good luck


Dorothy Blum Cooper
6-Jan-2007, 08:03
While it's been over 20 years since I lived there (I actually graduated from Key West High School, if you can believe that!) I loved the Keys and Key West. Prior to living there, we used to vacation at Key Largo and Key West during my childhood.

Try to stop over at Big Pine, Sugar Loaf and Key Largo. Those were beautiful places...although I'm sure it's grown substantially since I was there.

Here's a site where you can obtain more information: http://www.fla-keys.com/

I used to live on Eaton Street, not far from Duval. I always compared Duval to the street that didn't make the cut for the French Quarter. ;)

You'll love it there!!!

6-Jan-2007, 08:48
I've always said that a long weekend in Key West is eqivilant to a two week vacation nearly anywhere else. Whatever kind of photography you do, you can find in somewhere in the keys (except mountains). Have a great time!