View Full Version : Which are the best Fujinon, Nikon lenses in their ranges for 4X5 and 8X10

Rene Z. Quan
4-Jun-1998, 22:18
I am going to Japan in the summer and I intend to buy the scarce as hen's teeth Fujinon and Nikon lenses while I am there. Could anybody who has had extensive knowledge and experience tell me which are the best lenses Fuji or Nikon makes i n all the different focal lengths compared to Schneider and Rodenstock. I am lo oking for lenses which are absolutely top of their class for 4X5 and 8x10 format s. Thanks. :-)

Ellis Vener
5-Jun-1998, 14:14
I understand the Fujinon lenses being scace here in the USA but since when are N ikons? Is there Nikon LF glass made that we don't see here?

Stewart Ethier
5-Jun-1998, 14:42
I'd consider each of the Fujinon C series: The 300 because it has 380mm of cove rage compared to 325mm for the Nikkor M, the 450 because it's in a No. 1 shutter compared to the No. 3 shutter of the Nikkor M and because it has greater covera ge, and finally the 600 because it is a compact lens with fantastic coverage (ne arly 16 x 20) and in a class by itself. (I have to admit my knowledge of German lenses is rather limited.)

Patrick Raymore
8-Jun-1998, 17:50
I agree with Dan, however if a popular vote were taken you would find that Nikko r Ts and Fujinon Ts are the teles being used in large format today. Nikkor Ts ar e more desirable because of the Apo designation, although in actual picture taki ng circumstances I find there is not much difference between them, and in some w ays the Fujinons can be more advantageous. The Nikkor Ts command a high price on the used market which equates with their desirability. The Schneiders teles may be sharper, especially in near studio situations, however they are not practica l in field use since they are significantly heavier (and faster), and very signi ficantly more expensive.

I think Nikkor Ts are in a vulnerable position since any of the major manufactur ers can (with today tech) make a smaller faster tele. If the past is any indicat ion, Nikon will not improve its lens line unless there is a financial hemorrhage , and then only in a belated fashion. The bean counters are firmly in control at Nikon. Fuji on the other hand is such a large amorphous company that only the a lmighty knows if their lens line will ever be updated.

Rodenstock and Schneider are clear in the forefront of large format lens design today although with in both companies there are designs that need to be updated.

The Nikkor Ts and the Fujinon CS 450mm/600mm would be your best bets.