View Full Version : Good Deal on New 210mm APO Symmar-L

Kerry L. Thalmann
30-Dec-2006, 15:32
Hi Folks,

I was just poking around the Schneider Optics web site and stumbled across a good deal they are currently offering on the 210mm APO Symmar-L. They currently have it on special at $860 (http://www.schneideroptics.com/Ecommerce/CatalogItemDetail.aspx?CID=164&IID=1832). I'm not sure what the best regular price is on this lens, but I think it's over $300 higher than this special price. This price is for a new, US lifetime warranty lens and they list is as "in stock". I have no idea how long it will be on special or how many they have available. I have absolutely no financial interest in this special offer. I just wanted to pass the information along to members of this forum who might be interested.


John A McDonald
30-Dec-2006, 15:45
I purchased one just before Xmas. Call the New York office (not California). No one had purchased one directly prior to me so it took them a while to find out how to do it. Call 800 645 7239 x232 and ask for Kevin Cruse. Mine was shipped in about 7 days direct from Schneider together with warantee info.

John McDonald

30-Dec-2006, 16:18
Wonderful! How long does this deal last?

John A McDonald
30-Dec-2006, 16:26
No idea, Schneider didn't seem to know much about it either! John

30-Dec-2006, 16:28
That is quite a good price on the lens. The B&H USA warranty price on the lens is 1,423.95 and the Badger Gray Market price is $1,174.95. Anyone looking for the lens should take advantage of this price if you can afford it.