View Full Version : Ebony RW45 and 6x12 back

30-Dec-2006, 09:50

Does anyone know whether it's possible to use a 6x12 roll film back with the Ebony RW45?

The spec sheet mentions roll film backs up to 6x9 and "all Graphic Standard roll film holders" but nothing specifically about 6x12.


Michael Gudzinowicz
30-Dec-2006, 13:13
The Ebony website in reference to the RW45 states: "Accepts both 4x5 International Standard and 6x9 Graphic Standard roll film holders (Horseman, Mamiya RB67 etc.): format reducing adapter required for 6x9 roll film or instant film holders."

The international standard backs include 6x12 and replace the focusing screen. See Horseman (http://www.horsemanusa.com/pd_acc.htm)
for examples.

The Graphic standard holders were designed for 2x3 cameras, and include the film backs for the RB67. To use those, you would require a reducing adapter.

Craig Griffiths
30-Dec-2006, 15:17
I use a Horseman 612 back on mine with no problems at all. Works wonderfully and I am extremely happy with it. The only drawback was having to mark the ground glass for the film size.

30-Dec-2006, 15:53
There is no need to mark permanently the gg. You can make a simple mask that can be put on the gg.