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Donald Brewster
13-May-2000, 00:59
I'm trying to locate Nikkor (Linhof style) lens boards. First used one that cam e with a Nikkor LF lens I bought used and I love it. B&H and Robert White don't have/carry these lens boards. If anyone knows of a shop that carries these boa rds, either new or used, I'd be much obliged to learn of it. I've grown tired o f lugging around all those monstrous Arca Swiss boards and want to use the Arca to Linhof conversion board exclusively. Thanks.

13-May-2000, 02:21
Do Nikon make lens boards?

You could always look for black metal Wista boards, which are metal and function very much like Linhof ones with the light trap and all.

Anyone who sells Wista should sell them.

Oh, doesn't B&H sell Linhof cameras? If they do, they should sell the boards too?

Donald Brewster
13-May-2000, 02:47
Thanks for the suggestions. What I have is a Nikon lens board with a Nikkor W 210mm f/5.6 mounted on it. Technically speaking, I am looking for more of the Nikon lens boards. Yes, I could use Linhof or other Linhof-style boards such Wista, but would like to find (and price) the Nikon boards.

John Hicks
13-May-2000, 15:09
I've never heard of a Nikkor lens board nor have I ever seen such a thing advert ised.

If it's Linhof-style, you can use of course Linhof, Wista (field), Calumet (fi eld) and probably a couple of other brands.

Harvey Berman
13-May-2000, 16:19
I use several Nikkor lenses with my Linhof TK and, of course, use linhof lens bo ards. Is your only reason for seeking a Nikkor lens board the hope of saving mo ney?

Yaakov Asher Sinclair
13-May-2000, 16:35
Couldn't you use the smaller A/S board with a A/S lensboard adaptor? Is the issue price? I am considering an A/S and would like to know which of the smaller boards I should use in the A/S Yaakov Asher Sinclair

Bob Salomon
13-May-2000, 17:07
Rodenstock, Schneider, Nikon, etc. make lenses not boards.

Linhof, Sinar, Toyo, etc make lensboards not lenses.

What makes you think your board was made by Nikon?

Even when we import Nikon lenses from Linhof for Linhof cameras they come without a board.

Donald Brewster
13-May-2000, 17:53
Thanks for the responses. No, I'm not delusional (at least about this). I have a black Linhof-syle board that says Nikon in the upper right corner. It really does (really Bob). In fact, "Nikon" is a raised impression in the metal -- likely stamped in as part of the manufacturing process. I don't know who actually made the board but it does say Nikon. If I had a digital camera I'd post a picture of it. The one I have is really nicely made, better than others I've seen and I think of comparable quality to the Linhof. Yes, I could use Linhof or others manufacturers boards. It almost surely would be cheaper than a Linhof board (great boards, but -- sorry Bob -- Linhofs are really expensive). But I figured if I have one, there had to be others out there. Like I said previously, the one I have came with a lens I bought used and I'd like to use these boards on my other Nikkor lenses to save space and weight in my pack.

Michael S. Briggs
13-May-2000, 21:54
There seem to be some photo items that Nikon doesn't sell in the US and which are perhaps only sold in Japan. You could try one of the photo dealers that import stuff directly from Japan. Or, you might try the Bromwell boards. They are fairly well made, but not as nice as the genuine article. Also, the holes are drilled on center rather than the off-center position that is correct for Linhof cameras.

James Chow
17-May-2000, 02:35
As I used to live in Japan, I can tell you that Nikon does make lens boards. That's why the copal shutters come w/ that seemingly useless screw that everyone discards when mounting their lenses to boards. The Nikon boards have a small hole that the screw goes into to prevent the lens from twisting. None of the other boards have this.

Masayoshi Hayashi
24-May-2000, 08:03
According to Nikon nikkor lenses catalog, page 12, dated Feb 20th 2000, Nikon seems to make Linhof type boards for copal 0, 1, 3. MSRP is 3000 each or about $30.

By the way, I finally figured out what "s" version (e.g. SW65mm F4s) means for some of current lenses.... The catalog (pg 6) says "s" designated lenses have shutters with 7 blazes specifically designed for Nikon, compared to normal 5 blazes. 5 SW "s" lenses from 65mm - 120mm also have sync sockets in forward direction. May be it was only me who did not know this....

Mr. Oddy Lekagul
25-May-2000, 09:59
Hello, from Bangkok, Thailand. Almost all my lens board are made by Nikon. They are easily found in Thailand and are not expensive. Yes, the lensboard are engraved Nikon. They are the real thing. I believe they may not be sold or imported to America. The local dealer, here, imports both Linhof and Nikon 4x5 lenses. In my opinion Nikon lens board are of excellent quality and for a really good price.

James Lim
25-Sep-2000, 15:10
The Nikkor board originates from Japan, I bought a Nikkor M 300mm and it came with one. I order 2 extra board at the cost of 1800 yen or USD$16.00. Surprising, the Nikon board is a cut above all the others I have seen. The surface of the board is lightly textured with the centre hole drill off centre in the true Linhof style. There is also additional light trap. 4 parts of the board are deliberately designed to extruded slightly to ensure a better fit/ grip to the camera front standard. Overall, the quality is excellant. The finish came close to my original Sinar boards. Right now, I am replacing all my Linhof generic boards with the ones made by Nikon's manuafacturer.

Obviously, the manuafauturer who made the Nikon Boards also made generic ones which exhibits similar quality but without the Nikon logo Stamp. Priced the same as the Nikon Board. It can be ordered from Japan from most outlets that stock LF lens.


1-Sep-2001, 11:38
Better late than never. Badger Graphics sells Nikon lens boards; $35, I believe.

Patrick Raymore
1-Sep-2001, 16:06
Nikon does indeed make these boards. I have several of them. They are of excellent quality, fit and finish and the bores are off center just like the Linhof boards. I acquired them from a photodealer at the Buena Park camera show in LA. ($20 each),

2-Feb-2002, 01:31
Midwestphoto has them at $29.00...I just bought one.