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John A McDonald
29-Dec-2006, 17:01
Apologize for long post in advance. I have three LF Lenses, Schneider SS 80mm, apo 150mm and 210mm. I am seeking advice on the following:

1) Using stepup rings to bring all to 77mm (the apo 210 front filter size).
2) The need, if any for a wide angle filter to prevent vignetting.
3) A minimal filter set (I had thought 81B warming, neutral and warming polarizer, and possibly UV just for protection.

I note that the Fuji documentation indicates no color shift or reciprocity failure with fairly long exposures (for velvia and provia 100F), which may (or may not) require CCM5 for correction.

Thanks again. John

29-Dec-2006, 17:11
No problems John. I have almost the same lens set as you do, my widest being the 80 XL and the longest being the APO 210. I've standardized on the same size filter for most things, except that I do have an 86mm Polarizer for use over the center filter. I use the Lee system for my 81 series and split neutral density filters.

Ralph Barker
29-Dec-2006, 18:40
I also use step-up rings on many of my lenses so they can use a common set of 77mm filters. Then, a couple use rings to adapt to a more limited set of 105mm filters.

Depending on the lens compliment you might eventually have, you might also consider the Lee, HiTech and similar systems that use 4"x4" gel, polyester, or resin filters. Many of these are less expensive than good glass filters, but they're also more fragile. Often, I just (carefully) hold the gel filters in front of the lens, rather than mounting the HiTech holder and the appropriate adapter ring.

The definition of a "minimal set" will vary with what you will be doing. For me (shooting mostly B&W), yellow and red are absolute minimum, with polarizer, green, yellow-green, and orange following close behind.

29-Dec-2006, 20:48
There is also a difference in quality between the different step up rings themselves. I have both Tiffen and B+W - it is immediately clear the B+W rings are much higher quality, of course, they are also 3 times the price. So, I have both.

29-Dec-2006, 21:34
I use Heliopan step up rings. They are some of the finest and like the Schneider they are a black anodized brass.


30-Dec-2006, 12:34
I got some kind of cheap 67-77mm step up ring from a used store for $5 so I could just use 77mm filters (and a 77mm cokin adapter ring). It works fine with a standard (not thin) hoya polarizer on my 90 and 210 lenses.

I'm not sure about the cokin system yet, I think the big bulky holder might reduce usable image circle but I'm not positive. I got it yesterday and haven't had a chance to try it.