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Gerry Harrison
29-Dec-2006, 14:23

I am interested in a lens on Ebay ( Buy Now option ) . Its is for Medium format..Zeiss 50mm Distagon. ......ieverything is fine except for one issue ,copied below from the Ebay add. It can be had for a good price I am just abit hesitant...needs some advice either way.

" The front of the glass looks great and I do not see any fungus or scratches. The rear lens group has something inside. It is a slight haze. It does not look like fungus and it can only be seen with a very bright light source. I do not know if this will effect image quality or not. "

Thanks Gerry

29-Dec-2006, 14:56
Obviously a lens without haze is best but barring that, the question is whether the asking price is worth it and that really depends on how much expendable cash you have & how badly you need this lens.

Haze can reduce contrast but you can have bugs in the lens and still have decent results: see

Jay DeFehr
29-Dec-2006, 14:57
Hi Gerry.

Haze is not good, slight or otherwise and one persons definition of slight might not be the same as the next person's. To measure the effect of the haze, you'd need to compare it to a lens without haze. Without making that comparison, you'll never know if or how the haze is affecting your images, and will be left with an "is it good enough?" assessment. I would pass and wait for one in as close to perfect condition as I could find. If you buy it and aren't satisfied, you'll be in the unenviable position of selling the subpar lens to another photographer, probably at a loss. Good luck!


P.S. you were great as The Talking Heads' guitarist!

Aaron van de Sande
29-Dec-2006, 15:17
If you are paying extra for Zeiss you might as well have the best. The key to ebay is patience.

Gerry Harrison
29-Dec-2006, 16:03
Is it possible to remove haze ( is it costly ) and what could be the causes ? I will probaby pass on the lens...but this is an interesting exercise and a opportunity to learn something. Are there any lens techs on this forum.

Thanks Gerry

29-Dec-2006, 16:15
Since the seller has already disclosed the presence of haze, I donít think you would be able to send it back if it had more haze than you expected. I would pass, and wait for a better one, or better yet, buy from a reliable dealer who would let you return it.

29-Dec-2006, 21:09

I'd wait for another one to come up on the block... and, they always do! :)


Ron Marshall
29-Dec-2006, 21:48
I would wait for a better sample, they always turn up on Ebay, patience.

andy bessette
29-Dec-2006, 22:13
Yo Gerry,

haze will cause a loss of contrast. The development of this haze should be expected to continue. The lens in question MIGHT prove a good value to that special someone who is so highly skilled in the restoration of problem optics, that he/she thoroughly understands the risks and work involved. One is wise who knows his limitations.

best, andy