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John A McDonald
28-Dec-2006, 20:52
Looking for advice on best B+W filter source (both price and selection). Thanks in advance.

28-Dec-2006, 21:03
It would help if you tell us what part of the world you are in?

John A McDonald
28-Dec-2006, 21:08
Sure. US (Reno NV). I'll add it to my profile. John

28-Dec-2006, 21:13
Sure. US (Reno NV). I'll add it to my profile. John

Thanks John. We do have an international forum here. I've bought almost all of my B+W filters from either Calumet or B&H. I've found I have to go to two or three different vendors in able to get what I want, so you may want to check both. I've even considered ordering from Robert White in the UK, but right now the exchange rate makes that really impractical. Hope this helps.

Claude Sapp
28-Dec-2006, 21:13
B&H has good prices right now on B+W filters, pretty good stock on hand as well.

Atul Mohidekar
28-Dec-2006, 22:47
Jeff at Badger Graphic can get you any B+W filter including the rare ones like 77mm Warmtone Linear Polarizer that he had to special order for me from the factory in Germany. The prices are very competitive and sometimes slightly lower than B&H.

// Atul

Eric James
28-Dec-2006, 23:29
B&H has a number of non-stocked, non-returnable B+W filters listed on their site. Proceed with caution - I was surprised to find that a $100 linear warm pol filter did not have outer threads - this filter arrived 9 weeks after it was ordered. Currently I'm 11 weeks out on another non-stocked, non-returnable B+W filter from B&H - I did receive an email recently stating that it is on the way to me. You might consider contacting Schneider USA in NY - check out there website and fire off an email.




29-Dec-2006, 00:05
The Filter Connection:


Bart Nadeau_6607
29-Dec-2006, 09:43
Another endorsement of the Filter Connection. Nice folks, excellent, very wide stock and they follow through for you.

Eric Leppanen
29-Dec-2006, 10:02
Still another vote for the Filter Connection...

Jay Wolfe
29-Dec-2006, 10:30
I've been told that a lot of the B+W filters that show up on Ebay as new are counterfeit. I'd stay away.

John A McDonald
29-Dec-2006, 11:25
Thanks all - great forum, good advice. Missed the filter connection, which has good prices and information.

eric black
4-Jan-2007, 07:51
In talking with a B + W rep at a recent workshop I attended, the Filter Connection was his only recommendation for making sure you are getting something from Germany. You will have to wait a while for the filter but knowing that you are not getting a counterfeit in the end is worth it.