View Full Version : User experience wanted: Docter 65mm f4.5 WA

12-May-2000, 15:17

Has anyone used this lens before?

It's a really large chunk of glass with an 85mm front thread in a Copal 1 shutte r (think about it - most super wides are mounted in size zero shutters).

I am just wondering how good this lens is - it's selling for about the same pric e as a new 65mm Super Angulon.

paul owen
14-May-2000, 18:12
I've seen these lenses advertised at (ridiculously??) low prices, and although I haven't used it I have used the Doctor 105mm enlarging lens, fromthe same manufacturer and factory. I was very, very disappointed with both the build quality and poor performance!! I returned it and got myself a used Schneider 100 instead!! If the price is right IMHO stick to one of the well-known makes. (you can't go wrong with SChneider!!) Best of luck Paul

18-May-2000, 12:43
From what I know, the APO Germinars and Germinar W are pretty great lenses - the usual process lens excellence. But little has been mentioned about this 65mm lens.