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28-Dec-2006, 11:47
OK so Super Speed Graphics don't do so well when it is really really really really cold. So cold that you can literally hear the crackle when the steam from your breath freezes. So cold that your eyeballs hurt. Like on top of Mt. Damavand (http://satyar.ir/archives/damavand-3.jpg), an extinct volcano (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Damavand)near Tehran and a favorite climbing destination, about 5600 meters high & home of the White Demon who was chained here according to Persian mythology.

Lenses freeze up. The only way to keep them working is to hold the camera close to your body before taking the shot, but even then they last only an hour before they freeze up again. Naturally, breathing on them causes icy condensation. Heck even waving your gloved hand in front of them causes condensation - which promptly freezes. Also, when you take the camera outdoors, there is a massive build-up of condensation inside and on the GG. The only solution is to remove the camera back entirely to allow the air to circulate. The wind causes wind-driven snow to accumulate on the lens. If you turn the camera away from the wind, a little eddy is created that sucks in the snow. And of course if you point the camera into the wind, things are worse. In any case, the snow somehow still manages to get inside the supposedly light-tight camera body. Fingertips are too cold to feel anything & so operating levers and buttons becomes impossible. And grafmatics - well, forget it about it! Where's the chai thermos?

C. D. Keth
28-Dec-2006, 13:44
Sounds charming. Given the difficulties, I hope you're rewarded with some spectacular images! :)

28-Dec-2006, 13:48
Are/have you been packing oxygen as well?? :eek: :(


29-Dec-2006, 15:03
Oxygen - yes. Never made it to the peak though.

John Kasaian
29-Dec-2006, 16:18
A cast aluminium aerial camera like a K-17 with a heater element filter would do the trick nicely. A useful option would be a multi-tasking Yak to serve as a porter, tripod, battery cart and, if need be---lunch :)

OTOH according to Ansel Adams one Antarctic photographer used a Kodak Commercial model (the metal one) on an expedition.

29-Dec-2006, 18:25
Cold can be tricky, but I'd really be worried about the White Demon.

Jim Jones
29-Dec-2006, 18:37
Leica rangefiner and Nikon F cameras worked fine for me in Greenland. Film had to be advanced and rewound slowly to prevent static electricity. While shooting, I left the cameras in the cold rather than risk condensation by keeping them inside a parka. When it got down to -60 degrees Fahrenheit we were supposed to stay indoors, and missed out on the extreme conditions.

29-Dec-2006, 19:55
hmmm.... how about using a wood camera and a packard shutter?

29-Dec-2006, 20:13
Cold can be tricky, but I'd really be worried about the White Demon.

Oh, the White Demon eventually met his doom when he ran into Rustam inside a cave:

But Zahhak, the three headed Dragon King with the brain-eating dragons that come out of his shoulders where he was kissed by Satan, is still there though he's tied up inside cave in the mountain pretty well, apparently, with his brain-eating dragons and all...