View Full Version : seneca

27-Dec-2006, 13:51
I currently have an 8x10 improved Seneca View, which I like the looks of as well as the weight for toting about. I am wanting a 5x7 camera...anybody know if there is a 5x7 version of this camera? If not, are reducing backs available anywhere?


Turner Reich
27-Dec-2006, 15:55
Yes there is a 5x version and it has a front shift built into the rail to boot. I have two, one for parts and one complete and in perfect cond. It's the Seneca Improved 5X7. Look out for one on the bay they are out there. They are light than the Kodak 2D 8x or 5x. I've got the 8x and 5x in Kodak also. I like the black and chrome too.

Ernest Purdum
27-Dec-2006, 17:58
I just saw one on eBay. It seems to be missing the rail extension, though. Actually, at the time these cameras were made, 5X7 was probably the most common size.