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27-Dec-2006, 05:00
Anybody know anything about Caltar type y lenses? Sharp, who makes 'em, etc...?

Louie Powell
27-Dec-2006, 05:26
According to Kerry's article in View Camera, the Y-type Caltar 240mm f/6.8 lens was manufactured by Rodenstock from 1973 to 1976. The exact wording of the article implies that the historical records are a bit murky.

He described the lens as a Tessar design. I would take that to imply that it's reasonably sharp when stopped down, but the edges may be soft wide open.

Per Madsen
27-Dec-2006, 06:29
I think the Rodenstock name for a Tessar type lens was Ysar or Ysarex, which
could explain the Y-name for the Caltar.