View Full Version : Price for Anbar 4x5?

25-Dec-2006, 21:16
What should I expect to pay for an Anbar 4x5 in 8/10 condition?

Many thanks from someone without too much to cash to burn.


25-Dec-2006, 21:32
I sold a Nagaoka 4x5 (very similar to the Anba) for a friend recently on ebay. It wasen't pretty but i would say it was about 7/10. Sold for $320. I would say somewhere in that price range for a anba in 8/10 condition

Brian Ellis
27-Dec-2006, 11:44
The one he's likely talking about is on ebay and from the one picture appears to be in very nice condition. However, the seller is Adorama and they describe it only as 8 out of 10 so there must be some defects somewhere that don't show up in the picture.