View Full Version : What does the linhof-Arca, linhof-Sinar adapter look like?

24-Dec-2006, 18:35
Is the circle in the middle of the adapter?
If that's the case, isn't that the center drilled linhof size board works better than those off center drilled linhof size board?
I have a few different brand linhof size boards, they are all off center, but it seems that the location of the holes are slightly different.
Why are linhof style boards drilled off center?

24-Dec-2006, 19:00
The Linhof Technika IV, V, M, Technidardan boards are drilled that way to take advantage of the set-up of the camera to position the lenses (in #0 and #1 shutters) for rise and fall due to the drop bed (the Technika cameras only have direct front rise without drop bed adjustment). The board has become a standard for many field cameras that use these boards.


Brian Ellis
24-Dec-2006, 20:22
"Why are linhof style boards drilled off center?"

The hole in Linhof boards is drilled slightly off-center because of the way the front standard is designed on a Linhof camera. Drilling them slightly off-center actually centers the hole relative to the film on a Linhof camera. When used on a camera with a different type of front standard the hole will be very slightly off-center relative to the film. It isn't enough to worry about IMHO but anyone who is concerned about it can always use a slight amount of front rise to center the hole relative to the film. Or they could buy one of the Linhof knock-offs that has the hole drilled in the center.