View Full Version : Commercial Ektar 8 1/2" f6.3 in Ilex Acme Synchro shutter: worth fixing shutter?

Mark Woods
11-May-2000, 01:40
The lens is in near-mint condition, but the shutter has been tested as slow at a ll speeds, especially the faster ones like 1/400, which is off by 100%. i've had free tests and estimates done ($35-$45 depending on the repair shop here in nyc ). i'm trying to decide whether to 1.) keep it, have the shutter overhauled, and buy $50 lens boards for them so i can use it in my new (used) toyo 45A, or on t he other hand 2.) just sell it(i've been offered as much as $175 in cash and $2 50 in store credit. so i wonder: 1.is it worth fixing and buying lens boards for? (how good is it as lenses, and what will i lose in the way of performance by not using the best lenses availabl e)? shouldn't i just trade it in towards a Sironar-S 210 with a good shutter? 2. is it fixable so that the shutter is very accurate? 3. is it important to have it professionally mounted on a toyo lens board, or ca n i do it myself?

thank you for your help. mark

Chauncey Walden
11-May-2000, 12:22
Hi Mark, Large format is a thoughtful process (or a process full of thought!). If the shutter speeds don't match the markings, but are consistent and you know what they are, the shutter doesn't need fixing. Your light meter and a little thought will get a good exposure. And I wouldn't worry much about the speeds over 1/30 - unless you're going to try to use it as a press camera. Large format lens mounting is not brain surgery. A coping saw and a quarter's worth of hobby shop plywood or aluminum and maybe some epoxy will do the job. For the short term, or maybe longer, your lenses will be just fine. Spend your money on film. Use your camera. Experiment with the movements. Enjoy.

David Richhart
12-May-2000, 21:12
Mark...I have 2 Commercial Ektars. A 10 inch and a 14 inch. I think they are great lenses for black and white photography. I know there is a variety of superior modern lenses available but the pricetag is superior as well.

If you can get it cleaned and working correctly for forty bucks or so, I think it would be money well spent.