View Full Version : Storing B&W paper

Gerry Harrison
23-Dec-2006, 20:00

How do you guys store your supply of B&W paper ? I am aware it should be keeep cool and with no humidity. I have bought a 1000 sheets of Agfa B&W RC MG because I like it and Agfa has stopped producing it. The price was real good and the paper fresh in 25 sheet packages......I have noticed paper prices rising significantly and next year promises to all accounts to do the same according to retailers. As I will not use all this paper in a year or maybe two I need your suggestions for storage...will the fridge actually extend the life of paper as it does for film ?

Thanks Gerry

Peter Lewin
23-Dec-2006, 21:07
I keep my unopened boxes in the freezer. It might not have been an exact test, but when I "re-instated" my darkroom after 5 years of dis-use, the paper I had left in the DR was fogged, paper of the same vintage from the freezer was good as new.

neil poulsen
24-Dec-2006, 00:20
I wonder if it needs to be in a freezer? I have some paper in a fridge, but it's not been in a freezer. I can always try it out to find out.

Alan Rabe
24-Dec-2006, 07:11
I have a small refirgerator that can hold upto 16X20 paper. It is part of my darkroom. I don't buy years supplies of film or paper so it keeps everything fine. I store my film, paper and even my HC-110 in it. Got it at home depot for around $250

John Kasaian
24-Dec-2006, 09:12
I've commandered a corner of the freezer for film and paper. I keep the original packaging in zip-lock plastic bages, just N of the tri-tips and W of the Eskimo pies.