View Full Version : 16.5cm Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar for 8x10

Steve Williams_812
10-May-2000, 18:01
I am looking at a 16.5cm Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar for use on 8x10. It is in an Il ex #4 Acme shutter. Can anyone tell me the image circle on this lens?

sheldon hambrick
10-May-2000, 18:15
According to more knowledgeable sources on the web, a tessar will cover about 60 degrees - this works out to a 190mm image circle  way short for 8x10 at infinity. Is someone out there marketing their tessar as a 8x10 lens??

To cover 8x10 at this focal length, youll need a 165m Super Angulon (ouch  expensive), or one of the more moderately priced older lenses like the 159mm Wollensak Extreme Wide Angle.

Chris Partti
10-May-2000, 21:26
The 165 (non-super) Angulon will also cover with some room for movements stopped down. Some of the later ones are coated and in reasonably modern shutters.