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Randy H
22-Dec-2006, 13:00
And also, is it worth the $20.00 spent on it?
I have searched the serial number lists, and this one seems to be stuck in the middle about 1910, and no numbers match.
Serial number is 228XXX
Goerz Dagor 7 inch f6.8 series III no.2
It is immaculately clean and clear. The paint has long since mostly gone away, but the lenses don't even appear to have any cleaning wisps. No balsaming, etc. Front and rear serials matching. Fantastically clear.
Any information, good or bad, is much appreciated.

22-Dec-2006, 13:06
AFAIK Dagor's have a nice rep. I have one, but I've yet to pull some photo's from mine, where did you find the serial number lists?

If I were you, test it out, it's gotta be worth $20 in that condition

EDIT: found this link http://www.largeformatphotography.info/classic-experts.html

Randy H
22-Dec-2006, 13:10
That list and this one


22-Dec-2006, 13:19
mine has two serial numbers.

Doppel Anastigmat DRP no74437 Serie III/2 f=180mm no96232

Ole Tjugen
22-Dec-2006, 13:54
Ash, the "DRP" means "Patent". So the number immdiately following that is the patent number. So yours is a German lens, and the serial number is one of C. P. Goertz's. Not Goertz Am. Opt. Co. But is it says only "Doppel Anastigmat Serie III" and not "Dagor", it's 1909 or earlier.

Randy's lens is likely to be a US product, which means 1910.

Anyway they're nice lenses, capable of very good results. With only four surfaces the lack of coating makes no big difference.

22-Dec-2006, 13:57
Randy, that was a rhetorical question, wasn't it? How could you possibley go wrong for 20 bucks. Go ahead... take a picture or two with it. If you don't like it you can probably make your money back with no problem. Even if you throw it away, or give it away, you won't be out much!

In shutter or barrel???


22-Dec-2006, 14:03
Here's the patent drawing for your lens, Ash. (God love those Europeans that make patent information so easy to get via Internet!) The rest of the patent is in Deutche... which I'll be happy to send to you if you PM me a e-mail message.


Randy H
22-Dec-2006, 14:08
In an operable optimo. Sounds fairly close. aperture is still good. a bit stiff, but who knows when used last. I guess I was needing assurance that I didn't just spend 20 bucks on a throw-down. I realize there are Dagor-fans out there, but the only other Goerz I have had was a dog of a dogmar.

22-Dec-2006, 14:13
Brian, many thanks for that patent design. And sorry, irony is so difficult over the internet!

Randy, the aperture diaphragm is very stiff on mine, but it's not a problem in general use

22-Dec-2006, 14:22
And sorry, irony is so difficult over the internet!

Ha... how right. Just like sarcasm, I suppose ;) I'm a bit of a "patent junkie" and I like how hte European Patent Office allows download of patents, where the US Patent Office lets you look at the patent but you have to buy a copy. The cost is small, but...

John Kasaian
22-Dec-2006, 15:11
One thing about dating Dagors is that they never have headaches and they're always up for a good time! ;)

Dan Fromm
22-Dec-2006, 15:24
Brian, I don't know what software you're using, but I download US patents and print them.

Randy, good snag.

Guys, there have been bitter disputes about f/6.8 Dagors' coverage. Look for a thread on this board "Lousy Dagor."

FWIW, Boyer made a perfectly symmetrical (see dioptrique.info, design 00198, here's a link to it: http://dioptrique.info/objectifs4/00198/00198.HTM) f/6.8 Dagor clone, the Beryl. Last redesign was 1965. Claimed coverage, per Boyer's data sheets, 85 degrees at f/22. This is consistent with claims for other f/6.8 Dagor types "stopped well down." But and however, dioptrique.info's owner Eric Beltrando has told me that in fact the lens is good for no more than 70 degrees, 50 degrees in reprographic applications. Eric was a friend of Boyer's last owner, did calculations for him.

The only dagor type I've shot is a 210/7.7 Boyer Beryl-S. On 2x3 its pretty good, but I can't address coverage on larger formats. Eric tells me that the Beryl-S is an ordinary Beryl with restricted maximum aperture but Boyer's data sheets indicate that the Beryl-S isn't quite a Beryl; internodal distance and back focus relative to focal length don't fit with plain Beryls. The -S is still a dagor type, though.



Randy H
22-Dec-2006, 16:17
Yes, I have read that they cover anywhere from 40 deg stopped down to 95+ at wide open. I have a couple 4x5, a 5x7 and an 8x10 so I figure I can find something to use it on. It was bought initially with a 5x7 hand-held in mind. Build the back the same size as the film holder, double-strut style flip front with swing and tilt built into the lensboard. A point-and-shoot 5x7, if you will. But also with a ground glass just in case you wanted to shoot it mounted.

Walter Calahan
22-Dec-2006, 16:28
But what type of restaurant does your Dagor like for a date? Perhaps a movie as well?


Randy H
22-Dec-2006, 16:34
She tends to appreciate the finer aspects of a six-pack and a trip to the river.....

After all, she was just a cheap pick up.

22-Dec-2006, 16:34
Prefers dinner parties, large ballrooms :D