View Full Version : What is the brand of this lens board?

22-Dec-2006, 11:28
Can someone tell me what is the brand of this lens board? Where can I get it? Thanks
It is not Toyo board, the back of the toyo board is different.

Neal Shields
22-Dec-2006, 11:40
Looks like a off brand current Linhof board, which is 4 5 or master.

If it were a Linhof board it would have an indention for their logo

Ted Harris
22-Dec-2006, 11:48
It is a 'generic' Wista/Linhof board and appears to be a well made one. Linhof and Wista boards have a crest on the front or an indentation where the crest should have been if it has fallen off. Boards are also made by Nikon, Horseman and Toyo in this size. They are so marked on the borads. The Nikon, Toyo and Horseman boards have 'Nikon' or 'Horseman' or 'Toyo-View in raised leetters on the rear of the board and the Nikon boards also have 'Nikon' engraved on the front.

I a variety of palin vanilla, Nikon, Horseman, Wista, Linhof and even a Schneider board and see no difference from one to the other as long as they are well made. Some of the Chinese generic boards I have seen don't have a light trap in the back and others are not the proper thickness.

Ben Hopson
22-Dec-2006, 12:00
Looks exactly like the generic boards Badger sells for Technika, Ebony and whatever else they fit.


Ted Harris
22-Dec-2006, 12:06
BTW this is probably the most popular lens board size for 4x5 field cameras andf or those cameras that they don't fit there is often a adapter available.

22-Dec-2006, 15:52
Thanks everyone, this is a linhof size board, I got it with this lens, I have checked Toyo, wista, Linhof, nikon brand board, None of those look exactly the same as this board. Ben, I guess you are right, the seller told me he got this board from Badger.

Ben Hopson
22-Dec-2006, 17:22

I bought four of the lensboards from Badger at the same time I purchased an Ebony 4X5 from them a few years ago. I see they still list the boards for $30 each.



22-Dec-2006, 23:11
Thanks Ben.
By the way should I buy a center drilled or off center drilled? I might wanna get a monorail also, either a sinar or an arca, there are adapters that can convert linhof size lens board to sinar or arca board. I don't mind if the lens is off 0 position on the field camera, but I do want to make sure that lens is at 0 position on the monorail.