View Full Version : Chinese/Linhof Right Angle viewer

tim atherton
22-Dec-2006, 09:35
Has anyone tried one of those cheaper (well, cheaper than the linhof version) right angle linhof viewers off ebay?

Any good? Loada crap?


Kirk Keyes
23-Dec-2006, 23:48
I have not - but I did get one of the helical lens mounts on a Technika board - not too bad. A bit of courseness in the bearings, but very usable and a good price.


Ed K.
24-Dec-2006, 02:03
I have not either, and on the helical mounts - I got one of the cheap eBay ones. It was okay I suppose, but a 5.6 90mm would not fit into it - too big! So I ordered one from Fotoman. The Fotoman helical works perfectly, and is very, very well made. If Fotoman makes what you're looking for - you might try that first.