View Full Version : Whither the Rectilinear?

20-Dec-2006, 13:50
I recently purchased a nice old rapid rectilinear from a famous lens mine in Norway. Yesterday I had the first chance to look at it on the 10x12 ground glass and I was surprised at how sharp it looked! I guess I've been playing around with a few too many Verito's for too long, but bare tree branches against a clear blue sky were very distinct. As were brick buildings. All very sharp and clear. I'm looking forward to seeing some negatives.

Whatever happened to the rapid rectilinear? Why did it fall into disuse? My guess is coverage and speed. Anyone?

Ole Tjugen
20-Dec-2006, 14:10
Too expensive to make.

Don't laugh - it's true! It's just the same thing that the attempt to reintroduce the Hypergon stranded on: The deep inside curvature makes grinding and polishing prohibitively expensive and/or labor-intensive. The Hypergon is deeper and needs even more precise thickness, but the RR must be matched to another element, so it's almost as bad.

Oh- the little matter of residual astigmatism makes too unpopular if it isn't also very cheap. That's what kept it alive for so long, in a time of cheaper skilled labor.

Glenn Thoreson
20-Dec-2006, 16:57
I love the things. They are bitingly sharp in the center but get softer as it nears the edges and corners. It should be used at small apertures to get the full benefit of the lens.
They also seem to be gaining in popularity. Prices are on the rise from what I've seen lately. That doesn't bode well for my bottom feeding nature.

20-Dec-2006, 17:27
I have a triple convertible RR originally made for a Conley sometime before 1917. I love it so much, I got rid of some other lenses of similar focal length.