View Full Version : Stuck Rear Element

20-Dec-2006, 12:28

I just received a used Fuji W 120/5.6 MC lens in the mail and cannot remove the rear element. It appears to be stuck. Overall the lens and shutter are in near-mint condition.

Does anyone know of an easy method to safely remove it?

Thanks in Advance,


Neal Shields
20-Dec-2006, 15:06
If you can't just grab the element in one hand and the shutter in the other, and get it off,it may be cross threaded. In that case I would try to send it back and get a refund or send it to S.K. Grimes.

The last stuck element I experienced was in a very old leica lens. I heated iwith an air heat gun to to get it loose. Glass elements make an interesting noise when they crack from too much heat but I hope to never hear that noise again.

You can buy strap wrenches at most of the discount tool stores for a couple of dollars but you really shouldn't need them.

Someone may have also put locktite on the threads which, if they did, they shouldn't have.

Long and short of it is, you shouldn't be having this problem.

22-Dec-2006, 06:28
I took it to a local repair shop anf the owner managed to remove it. Thanks Neal for the information.