View Full Version : Going to NM/AZ.

Bruce Schultz
20-Dec-2006, 09:04
Got the camper loaded. Leaving in about 15 minutes.
Hoping to catch snow at Canyon de Chelly, M-Valley or Chaco.
The Wehman is locked and loaded.

Donald Miller
20-Dec-2006, 10:31
You should catch snow up north. We had snow up north of Flagstaff yesterday.

John Kasaian
20-Dec-2006, 12:46
If you like hot food (you're from Louisiana, right?) do lunch at Tomisita's at the old AT&SF depot in Santa Fe.


20-Dec-2006, 12:50
Hi Bruce,

Have a good time and bring back some winners. Just don't try to shoot the locked and loaded Wehman hand held. :D


Brian Schall
20-Dec-2006, 20:29

I'm sure you've left by now but watch out. It started snowing here in Albuquerque Tueday morning, stopped for most of the day today, but started up again this evening. Pushing 8 inches at my house. Interstate 40 was closed last night and most of the morning from Albuquerque clear into Texas. Everything else is snow or ice covered. I doubt if you will get anywhere near your destinations.

Bruce Schultz
21-Dec-2006, 11:13
Thanks for the heads-up. We're near Fort Stockton, Tx, right now and we'll doo another weather check at Las Cruces. I'm going to pick up some snow chains.