View Full Version : How to print high resolution From Autocad?

20-Dec-2006, 09:03
Hi There,
I trying to make a hight resolution graphic to be use in etching process by using a hight resolution image on transparency. The size of the parts are very small around 015" diameter. We create the drawing in autocad and looks fine when zooming in but when we converted to bipmap or post script all the tiny details are gone. When saving the pic from autocad we set the output to be 4000 dpi x 4000 dpi that creates a large file but still the bipmap/ps files does not shows well as it shows on autocad. We could print directly from autocad but problem is you can not create negative graphic on autocad. Secondly, printing on regular laser will not give us a good resolution image. Third, imagesetter printers will not read cad files so the solution is to convert this cad file to either bipmap or post scripts. Any suggestions?