View Full Version : Imagecircle 620 - How can it cover a 20x24?

19-Dec-2006, 13:35
hello all!

I am looking at buying a Fujinon-C 600mm lens and am curious about one aspect of it. The imagecircle. According to the published specifications of the lens it covers 620mm. But that does not come close to the image circle needed to cover a 20x24.

So how come people claim to use the Fujinon-C 600 for 20x24. I am sure I am missing something. What is it? :)



Terence McDonagh
19-Dec-2006, 15:31
Coverages listed in catalogs are often very conservative, especially if the lens was designed for copy/graphics work. For photographic purposes we can often live with larger "circles of confusion", etc. especially when we are only contact printing. I bet the quoted coverages for every lens I own say they shouldn't work on the formats I use them for.

Sheldon N
20-Dec-2006, 21:42
Perhaps those comments were in a portrait setting. Keep in mind that with 20x24 you are talking about a full torso shot being at near 1:1 ratio and a head shot being well into the world of macro photography. If you are shooting at 1:1 you are working with 1200mm of bellows and a functional image circle of 1240mm when using the Fuji 600mm C.

I doubt that the 600mm C would cover 20x24 at infinity.