View Full Version : All the developing and printing processes?

19-Dec-2006, 01:08

I have been reading this forum the last few months, and I come across names of so many kinds of film developing and printing techniques, that I feel a bit lost. :)

Is there some good book or webpage that describes different developing and printing techniques and processes? Maybe a cookbook of techniques and recepies for the processes and sample examples of the results!?! :)

Thanks so very much


19-Dec-2006, 02:06
Hi Mohan,

Take a peek at this site:


There's lots of very knowledgeable people on this site so if there's a specific kind of process you want to explore, just post your questions and I'm sure you'll get ample assistance. :)


Ron Marshall
19-Dec-2006, 14:44
The Film Developing Cookbook, by Anchell and Troop, covers most of the current B/W films and developers, and discusses the pros and cons of different combinations and where they are suited.