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18-Dec-2006, 19:11
Hi everyone. I just wanted to know if Kodak TMAX 100/400 8x10 sheet film comes in a sealed packet when new. You see, Trinidad customs has opened 2 boxes of Ilford FP4+ that I bought from B&H. Although the film resides in a light-tight packet, Ilford does not seal it inside, so customs apparently exposed everything. <sigh> I'm teetering on the edge of giving up here. Anyways, if I do decide to bail, you guys will have the first pick of an Arca-Swiss F-Metric 8x10 in pristine condition.

18-Dec-2006, 19:21
Hi Rory,

Rather than give up, you may just have to get the film locally which may be a problem or ship it via one of the carriers such as UPS, FEDEX, of DHL. You could get a smaller cooler than I mention in the thread that I am providing here:


Of course for travel you could use preloaded Quickload or Readyload film in 4 X 5. But, I do not know how the airport security is now checking these packets of film since I have not traveled by air or tried to have a hand search of Quickload film in some years.


Dirk Rösler
18-Dec-2006, 21:48
If shipping was insured you can submit a claim, but you need a customs statement that they opened it. Also worth asking why they opened it to avoid reoccurrence(usually for valuation; shipper can then include a value statement - if they haven't this time worth raising this with the seller).

David A. Goldfarb
19-Dec-2006, 06:17
Kodak and Fuji 8x10" film comes in sealed packets.

Turner Reich
19-Dec-2006, 08:03
You've got to wonder what's with some of those folks. Education doesn't seem to help, in fact it only gives them further information to screw with some one else's stuff. How do you fool the fools? You need to find another path for your purchases. A business that won't be screwed with maybe. Get them to help you with customs. Try your government officials for what it may be worth. Maybe bringing light to the problem will get the customs to back down to the point they won't open film or play games.

19-Dec-2006, 12:08
Thanks guys. Unfortunately, I don't have many options. Thank you, David: I will switch to Kodak TMX as I doubt (God forbid!) they will open the sealed pack.

Dirk Rösler
19-Dec-2006, 18:22
I have had sealed packets opened by German customs. Sealed film alone is not the answer.

19-Dec-2006, 19:01
Oh Lord.

Dirk Rösler
19-Dec-2006, 21:38
Maybe bringing light to the problem [...]

That's very funny advice by the way. Customs officials must have had similar thoughts.