View Full Version : Dagor 360 questions

18-Dec-2006, 09:44
Hi All -
I was given a Goerz Berlin Dagor 360mm, f/7.7.
Does anyone have experience with this lens? I'm going to cut a
test lensboard and try it, just looking for thoughts.
Thanks, and Happy Holidays to all !

Mark Sampson
18-Dec-2006, 10:06
My thought is "Santa Claus has been very good to you".

Ernest Purdum
19-Dec-2006, 10:31
This is an old lens, but one of the most successful of the early anastigmat designs. It has a rather wide coverage, so unless you have a huge camera, you're unlikely to ever run out of movements. Unless it passed by Burke & James after WWII (which many did), it will be uncoated, but since it has only four air-to-glass surfaces, careful lens shading will reduce potential problems to a usable degree. Rudolf Kingslake said it should be focused at the aperture at which the exposure is to be made, if feasible.