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17-Dec-2006, 22:39
I've lurked in the forums for awhile and built up the courage to ask what seems like a not so common issue with my polaroid 545 holder.

I'm using neopan acros quickloads in the holder and I have used Polaroid 55 film in it as well. The problem that I am having is that the Fuji quickload locks when you put the envelope in the holder, it just doesn't seem to have the force to hold the metal clip from the quickholder enough that you can pull the sleeve out to expose the film.

The Polaroid film doesn't seem to have that problem so I am not sure if it's a wear issue with this used holder or if maybe it needs cleaning somehow? Thanks in advance for any advice.

18-Dec-2006, 00:05
Take a look at the 545 repair page on the SKGrimes web site -


It shows how to 'adjust' a worn clip latch. That may be your problem.

18-Dec-2006, 07:11
That was my guess, but I didn't know if it was fixable. Thank you for the link and I'll give this a try.

18-Dec-2006, 10:38
I use that same combination of film holder and quickloads. The setup works well for me and so this suggests a problem with the specific holder not the general approach. The key to taking the holder apart is the metal clip on the end. I must confess that it was not obvious to me when I first tried it but after some fussing it does come apart without breaking.
Good luck,
Dave B.

18-Dec-2006, 17:10
Just wanted to thank you again, I tried this procedure out when I got home tonight and it works like a champ.