View Full Version : Tachihara's and wide angles

Rusty Johnston
8-May-2000, 20:06
Hello, I am considering the purchase of a Tachihara 4x5. Most of my photography is done with a 90mm lens. Will the Tachihara give full movement with this lens ? I know that the toyo flat bed cameras will allow much movement, for example, because the bellows are too compressed. Thank in advance for everyones help.

9-May-2000, 04:48
I use a Toyo with a 90mm lense, and get full movements.

Gary Frost
9-May-2000, 13:32
I use the Nikkor 90mm SW F/8 with the Tachihara. It is my shortest lens. With a bit of buckling in the bellows it will get to the limits of the lens coverage using rise/fall or shift. (shift on the Tachihara is accomplished using front & rear swing) The Tachihara bellows is soft and easy to get the full movement on this lens. Just be sure to fold the bellows properly again before folding the camera up.

John Hicks
9-May-2000, 23:06
Dig up a recessed board; it'll help a bit with the little Tachihara. I think the y're available from Wista at a relatively reasonable price.

Brian Ellis
11-May-2000, 19:20
I regularly used a 90 mm F5.6 Super Angulon on my Tachihara without any problems. I tested a 65 mm Super Angulon and it was usable but I'm not sure how extensive the movements were - since I decided not to buy the lens I didn't put it through a rigorous test but I did make several Polaroids to determine that I could focus the lens at infinity and that I could drop the front bed enough to keep it out of the piture.

andrea milano
12-Jun-2000, 07:53
You are going to need a recessed lens board, anything will do , Linhof is super but remember to purchase the optional synchro contact (angled) otherwise the contact with your strobes will be impossible. Other than that all comments appropiate. I hope you have a tachiara with back focussing capabilities because it helps with wideangle. The ground glass is the tricy bit on this camera a standard one doesn't allow for accurate focussing on a wideangle, I advice a Beattie or a Bosscreen (which I use) this last one is not to be used with temperature above the 45 centigrades (they say) but never had any trouble at 40. Good luck