View Full Version : Technika recessed board on 4X5 Tachihara?

andy bessette
17-Dec-2006, 13:43
Do any of you know if the Linhof Technika recessed lensboard will fit on a 4X5 Tachihara? Anyone have one to measure? The Tach's throat is almost 3 1/2 inches in diameter.

Or can someone recommend one? Thanks

best, andy

Gary Smith
17-Dec-2006, 14:35

I just measured the recessed board I have here, the rear diameter is 8.3 cm, which is about 3.26 inches. The board may fit and then again it may not. You will probably just have to try it and see.

Hope it helps.


andy bessette
17-Dec-2006, 15:34
Thanks Gary,

assuming that was a Technika you measured, I'll take a chance and get one (for the Nikkor-SW 65mm, f4. BTW, I was next to last bidder on your 90mm and 240mm. Still looking; email if you find others.

best, andy

Maris Rusis
17-Dec-2006, 16:42
My Nikkor SW 65mm f.4 in a flat Technika board fits straight onto my Tachihara 45GF. No recessed lens board is needed. The downside is that the bellows are tightly compressed and only minor swing and tilt movements are possible; no shifts at all.

17-Dec-2006, 16:47
I have both a Tachihara and a Linhof recessed board (made by Linhof, recessed about 20mm). The board fits the camera. Judging from a pic of the Nikkor 65mm, the rear element shouldn't be a problem, either.

andy bessette
17-Dec-2006, 23:12

thanks for that.

Maris, that's good info that I can at least use the Nikkor 65 on the flat board. As I have just started in LF I'm not sure if that loss of movement will limit me much, but I'm tempted to look for a used recessed board to limit the compromise.

Hiro, that's exactly what I needed to know: that the Technika recessed lensboard WILL work on my Tachihara.

Good job fellas, thanks

best, andy