View Full Version : Nikon 120mm f/5.6 macro lens sample photos?

Ken Grooms
15-Dec-2006, 22:36
Could someone kindly post (or email me) a photo taken with this lens? Thanks.


Ed Richards
19-Feb-2007, 20:16
My first LF macro, shot with the Nikon 120mm:


I really like the out of focus background. This about 1:1, they are small tulips.

Ed Richards
19-Feb-2007, 20:38
My second LF macro, shot with the Nikon 120mm, red 25 added to dark red tulips:


Don Boyd
20-Feb-2007, 08:47
Here is a link to the earlier thread. There are a couple of photos posted there, including mine of a Cottonwood leaf:

Jon Wilson
8-Aug-2007, 21:43
Here is an example taken with my 120mm Nikon macro at f16 with expired (7/97) Velvia.

8-Aug-2007, 23:28
bubble wrap.
wehman,8x10 contact print on forte polygrade
@22 fp4+ in rodinal.

8-Aug-2007, 23:39
full frame 4x5 classic pan 400, @16 or 22
Size 12 adams in a toothpick.