View Full Version : XTOL stock solution - glass or plastic

mark e mark
15-Dec-2006, 13:38
I normally use concentrated liquid developer, but have decided to try a pack of XTOL.
I make up 5 litres of stock solution, use 1 litre in the combi plan tank; what do I store the remaining 4 lilitres in? Yes, brown glass winchesters would be great - but I would have to buyb them mail order. Would brown plastic pop bottles be a good substitute? its going to be used in 6 months any way. Has anyone had problems storing XTOL stock solution (or other 'powered' stock solutions) in plactic bottle conpared to glass?



Eric Biggerstaff
15-Dec-2006, 13:47
I used to keep Xtol stock in plastic chemical bottles for months with no problems. Should be fine.

Bruce Watson
15-Dec-2006, 13:48
I use old wine bottles to store my XTOL stock. I then put the stock under vacuum using vacuvin stoppers (http://www.vacuvin.nl/wining_winesaver.html). Works like a charm, and the bottles can't be beat for storing developers because like wine, developers are sensitive to oxidation. I've had these stoppers maintain vacuum for eight months.

Armin Seeholzer
15-Dec-2006, 15:53
Glass is always better then plastic for developers, and store it cool and without sunlight and it will last more then a year if the bottle is full of it!

Ron Marshall
15-Dec-2006, 19:18
For XTOL I make up 5 liters and put it in ten 500ml bottles, completely filled.

The other developers I use are all from concentrates.

mark e mark
17-Dec-2006, 03:00
Thanks, for your comments. Initially I plan to use a combination of dark glass + green plastic pop bottles. It seems it's nearly as cheap to buy a litre of sherry/port -drink it, and then use the bottle?

Ed Richards
17-Dec-2006, 07:43
If you decide to keep using it, you can buy a 2 gallon floating lid tank for less than $20.

17-Dec-2006, 15:25
I have had no problems storing Xtol in plastic containers, however I wouldn't store it in a non-airtight container longer than 2 months. When it fails, it fails quickly and without any discoloration or sedimentation.