View Full Version : Technika boards on a Technikardan 45s?

Ben Chase
15-Dec-2006, 12:46
Are all Linhof boards the same? Specifically, will a technika board mount on a technikardan?

Oren Grad
15-Dec-2006, 12:52
Ben, the Technikardan accepts Technika boards.

Bob Salomon
15-Dec-2006, 13:13
No all Linhof boards are not the same. The TK 23 and 45 accept Linhof Technika boards from the 4x5 IV and later cameras only. III boards will not fit. Neither will M679 and Kardan boards.

While the TK accepts boards from the 4x5 IV and later not all of these boards will always fit current Linhof MT and TK cameras as the factory has greatly reduced the tolerances for the lens standards to eliminate movement of the boards once mounted on the camera. This can result in an older board not fully seating in the standard. To make those boards fit properly take a table knife and scrape the paint off the side edges of the board. Now it will fit. Note, just the sides. Not the top and bottom edges.

Oren Grad
15-Dec-2006, 13:19
Bob, thanks for the added detail and clarification.

Ben Chase
15-Dec-2006, 15:20
Thanks guys