View Full Version : When was Wisner Tech Field 4x5 #941 built?

Peter Collins
15-Dec-2006, 08:29
I just purchased a Wisner Technical Field 4x5 camera with serial number 941 stamped on the front brass plate. Does anyone know when it was built?

I have part of a clue to this question: The camera came with a Wisner catalog which states that Wisner (at the time of catalog printing) has been in business 15 years. Assuming that #941 and the catalog were approx. contemporaries, I would have a "close enough" date of manufacture.


15-Dec-2006, 08:54
My old Wisner (since sold) was a 900 series and I bought it in 1984

Brian Vuillemenot
15-Dec-2006, 09:54
I had one that was purchased new in 2001 and the serial # was 1340 or something close to that (in the 1300s).

15-Dec-2006, 12:46
actually that was supposed to 1994 not 84 sorry

Lee Hamiel
15-Dec-2006, 17:31
I have a Tech 4x5 Wisner serial#375 - not a clue as to age but it's build quality & finish is very good.

15-Dec-2006, 18:17
Were the serial numbers assigned in order per each format or are they in the order of the camera being built regardless of format? My 11x14 is #757....I'd be suprised if they built 757 11x14 Tech Field cameras.....

Maybe this is something Ron could chime in on, surely records have been kept. They'll be kept a lot safer if published online....


6-May-2014, 21:16
Hey forum viewers. This thread is from 2006 and it's now 2014.

This is the only thread I've found discussing Wisner cameras and their serial numbers. Last year I purchased my Wisner 4x5 Technical Field camera on eBay. I've had people ask me how old my camera is and I don't have a good year to give them. I think I usually say early 1990s.

My camera is #613. Any ideas? Somebody in the past on this thread brought up how the numbering works, that camera 614 could have been a totally different format and that the numbering went in order of cameras made and not models or formats.

Any insight?


7-May-2014, 04:18
Wisner cameras got their serial numbers when they where shipped. So camera 401 could be a 4 x 5 and camera 402 could be a 11 x 14.

The highest serial number I saw was in the low 1400 range and he started the numbering at 100.

7-May-2014, 07:27
Thank you Mr. Ritter.

With this knowledge, do you think it is a fair guess to say 613 was made in the early 90s? Or maybe mid 90s...

7-Jul-2014, 14:44
my Wisner Technical Field 4x5 has #1388 serial number. I purchased camera as used item, so I don't know the manufacturing date, follow this thread camera was built around 2001 year.
Hope this useful for someone.

Scott Sharp
23-Dec-2014, 09:51
This is an older thread but I will add another point of reference to dating a Wisner Technical Field.

I bought a Wisner Technical Field serial #375 from Lee in 2006/2007. It had the solid brass tripod plate with both 1/4" and 3/8" threaded openings.

I emailed Ron Wisner at the time on dating my camera and received this reply: "Your camera dates from about 1989".

I think #375 dates from the early 1980's but additions to this thread would be welcome to begin adding more Wisner serial numbers and dates.

Timothy Blomquist
23-Dec-2014, 21:21
My Wisner 8x10 Technical Field was number 284 and I took delivery in 1989. This camera built to order direct from Ron.

Scott Sharp
27-Dec-2014, 13:05
Anyone have any idea how many Wisner cameras were built and sold per year? And the years of production for the factory and sales?