View Full Version : Lens choice for 8x10 close ups

William Marderness
8-May-2000, 16:49
I am thinking of buying a lens for 8x10 close ups, between 1:1 and 1:4 magnifica tion. Would a G-claron 150mm be a good choice? Does it have enough coverage at 1 :4 magnification or should I go for a 210mm G-claron? I also want to use the len s on 4x5 and would prefer the 150mm for that format, but if 150mm will not work well on 8x10 at 1:4, I will get the 210mm.

Michael Klayman
9-May-2000, 10:08
The G-Claron 150 would work for 1:1 on an 8x10, but would start vignetting at 1:2. If you want to do 1:4 work at 8x10, you'll have to use the 210 G-Claron.