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15-Dec-2006, 02:58

I own a MC Schneider Symmar-S 150mm 5.6 and plan doing art reproduction. I know that the most common lenses in this business are around 210mm-240mm, but my first job is for some REALLY HUGE works(Im talking about 14x7 meters!), Im afraid that even my 150 is too narrow for it, what do you guys recommend, on the cheap side?



Ernest Purdum
15-Dec-2006, 10:51
Ooh, I hate math. How about going outdoors with a marker of some sort, place it 14 meters from something recognizable, and seeing how far back you have to be to get them to the edges of your groundglass. If then you find that you can get back that same distance from the art you want to copy, you're in business. Otherwise you'll have to consider womething wider. Your question really has as much to do with camera to subject distance as it does with lens choice.

Do you expect this work to be long continuing? If not, maybe renting would be an option worth checking out, though I have no idea what rental possibilities there are in Brazil.

Fred Leif
15-Dec-2006, 11:01
It seems to me that the distance that you have between the art work and the camera position is critical to figuring what focal length lens might be best for the job.

I once knew a photographer who worked for an outside advertising firm, photographing billboards was his main job (the size sounds about right). The biggest issue he had was figuring out the time of day to get good lighting on the subject and getting a good location from which to photograph it.

If the artwork is rectangular, you'll need to be careful to find a location that allows you to maintain proper perspective.

Roc Chan
15-Dec-2006, 11:35
2 or more photos.Move the camera back only for the 2nd photo and use photoshop .

Roc Chan
15-Dec-2006, 20:21
For 14 meter art work you need 8X10 not 4X5.Take 2,3,or4 photos of the art work in sections with 4X5,moving the camera back for each exposure and stitch he image together.