View Full Version : Lubricating Focusing Track?

Hugh Sakols
14-Dec-2006, 16:37
The focusing track on my Horseman VHR is a bit stiff and isn't running as smoothly as it used to. I imagine I need to lubricate the focusing track?? What do you use??

Kirk Gittings
14-Dec-2006, 16:53
Clean it first then use a bicycle chain wax based liquid lubricant, because they don't leave a sticky residue. I use Ice Wax. A small bottle will last a lifetime.

John Kasaian
14-Dec-2006, 17:04
Wood to wood I use beeswax or if thats not available, then Butcher's wax. Metal to metal I use just a teenie-weenie dab of the thickest lubriplate they make--just enough to moisten my fingertip.

Hugh Sakols
15-Dec-2006, 08:53
Thanks for the help! I have some white lighting wax based lube for my mountain bike. Tomarrow we leave for the Coyote Buttes area of Southern Utah. Should be an adventure!

Kirk Gittings
15-Dec-2006, 13:19
Hugh, Ice Wax or White Lightning are the absolute best for the Southwest. Once it dries it does not collect dust and sand!