View Full Version : 90 f/8 Caltar WII

Don Sparks
8-May-2000, 09:04
How does the 90mm f/8 Caltar-WII compare to the 90mm Super Angulons in sharpness and coverage? I will only be enlarging to 11x14.

Darron Spohn
10-May-2000, 11:10
Rodenstock makes the Caltar lenses, so I expect they would be comparable to the Super Angulon in quality. For the coverage, go to B&H (http://www.bhphotovideo.com) and check the specs on the Rodenstock 90/8.

I have a Caltar 135/5.6 II-N and it is excellent. It came in a Rodenstock box with a Rodenstock warranty.

neil poulsen
10-May-2000, 22:38
Schneider and Ilex (Ilex first) also made Caltar lenses. The fact that this is an f8 lens suggests that it is a Schneider Super-Angulon. From the "WII", it would make sense that it was sold along with the Caltar-SII lenses, which were Schneider Symmar-S lenses. In my recollection Rodenstock wide-angles have always had maximum apertures of f6.8 or f4.5.