View Full Version : Questions about "Schneideritus"/90mm SA f8

13-Dec-2006, 17:16
Hello everyone!

I just took shipment of a 90mm SA f8 that is showing "schneideritus" in the front group. The lens was sold to me as being in EX+ condition from KEH.

Should I worry about "schneideriuts"? Will it affect performance, etc?
Have I been taken? Should I return the lens?
Can "schneideritus" be repaired? Is it expensive to do so?

I paid about $600 for this lens. It is in good condition otherwise, very clean externally, and the shutter seems to be running quite smooth. I have not shot any test film yet.

What is "schneideritus" actually called? Is it just called "peeling paint"? :)


Frank Petronio
13-Dec-2006, 17:36
That sounds awfully expensive for a 90/8 that isn't like new...

Richard Sanders
13-Dec-2006, 17:54
What Frank said.

I'm sure I've read KEH are good at taking back items for refund if not upto scratch, but
I'm sure someone else here has some much more reliable first hand experience.

The Schneideritis shouldn't have much if any effect on the lense expect for its resale value.

13-Dec-2006, 18:09
Thanks guys! This is as I feared, that I paid too much for what I got. To be honest, I was expecting the lens to be in better condition. There are a few very subtle marks on the glass upon close inspection. I'd argue that the lens is not in the condition as they described it, or at least it was not a complete description. I have sent them a email requesting return authorization. What is a good price for such a lens? Is, say, a place like Midwest Photo a less sketchy place to order from, as far as buying used sight unseen?

Frank Petronio
13-Dec-2006, 18:18
I think with patience you should find a clean older chrome 90/8 in a chrome dial Compur for $300 to $400 on eBay and maybe 20% higher from a respectable but realistic dealer like mpex or KEH. Maybe $400 to $500 for a more modern black one in a Copal. But for $600 it should be the latest model and near mint.

FWIW, you see 90/6.8 Rodenstocks (comparable) go for $375 to $500 all the time.

I am surprised that you got a less than mint lens from KEH, they have a good rep. Jim at mpex.com (Midwest) is as honest as they come, and he will work with you.

13-Dec-2006, 18:19
I am looking at the KEH website right now. They list a 90mm f8 Super Angulon MC reduced from $616 to $569 in LN- condition. KEH is generally very conservative in their ratings. They rate LN- as 97-99% of original condition.

As mentioned the Schneideritus will probably have little or no affect on lens performance. You may wish to contact KEH and exchange the lens that you have for the one that I mention above.


Jan Pedersen
13-Dec-2006, 20:24
The 90/8 SA can be found on ebay for a lot less. Perhaps i was lucky but i won a bit 4-5 months ago and paid 235$ it is not in a copal 0 but a syncro compur but, seems acurate and both lens ans shutter is mint. All black model.


13-Dec-2006, 20:39
The nikon nikkor sw 90mm f8 goes for about $600 on ebay, and it covers 5x7. I like nikon, rodenstock and fuji glass better than SK. In my experiences, SK lenses develop internal (between elements) haze easily. If you buy any nikkor sw f8 lenses, make sure it has the brass shim between the shutter and front cell.

Jim Galli
13-Dec-2006, 21:42
Somewhere I've got a correspondence with the service folks at Schneider. They told me it DOES NOT have any effect what-so-ever on performance or longevity. It's just air bubbles forming between the blackout paint and the glass. I probably have 20+ Schneider lenses around here and every one of them has that same phenomena. FWIW I don't mention it in my Ebay ads either, although my pics will show it. Buyers Beware.

neil poulsen
13-Dec-2006, 23:33
I'd send it back. At the very least, you'll be stuck with a lens that won't sell for nearly what you paid for it. That's a lot of money for an f8.

I know what Schneider says, but I'm skeptical. All that reflected light bouncing around inside the optic??? I have some of these lenses, and I like the results from them. But, I saved money getting them.

14-Dec-2006, 02:35
This thing has been debated ad nauseum. The fact that you can see the changed condition looking at the front lens from its front side doesn't mean there is any light bouncing around inside. Look at the same rim from the rear side - you won't see anything then. Some legends have long life...

Frank Petronio
14-Dec-2006, 03:01
Right, and it happens in some lenses at such an angle that you can't see it too.

But it still knocks a bundle off the resale... and for $600 the lens should be pristine.

14-Dec-2006, 03:18
Sure, I wouldn't buy it for 600$ even without the condition.

Turner Reich
14-Dec-2006, 11:10
How good is KEH in these situations? It's a whole lot of money for what is appears to be. Only you can decide and only KEH can make it good. Please let us know what KEH decides to do. A price reduction should be the first choice if you decide to keep the lens. Otherwise ask for a refund not a credit.


14-Dec-2006, 14:03
Thanks for all the great information and opinions!

Ok, "schneideritus" or not, for good or for ill, the lens still has marks on the glass. EX+ is described as "glass very clean." EX, a grade below, is "Glass may have some dust, but no marks." This lens was described as EX+, which it clearly is not. This kind of sours me on dealing with KEH again. Did they simply not inspect the glass thoroughly, or were they hoping that I would not? I'm sure they will inspect it thoroughly, when they receive it back from me. :rolleyes: