View Full Version : Lenses for 8x10 Tachihara

Jeff Morfit
13-Dec-2006, 13:05
What are the longest lenses, non-telephoto and telephoto, that I can use on my Tachihara 810GF camera? I own a double extension model if that helps.

Scott Davis
13-Dec-2006, 15:17
Double-extension means you can get about 20-24" of bellows draw, roughly speaking. Check with your owners manual if you have it, or else rack your bellows out to their maximum and measure. Assuming you have 24" of bellows draw, the longest lens you could use in a non-telephoto and still have some focusing room for closer-than-infinity would be something in the 19-21" range, like a Red Dot Artar or a 450mm or 480mm Nikkor. In a telephoto design, you could certainly use a Nikkor 600 T, and MAYBE use the 800T cell set with it as well, but I wouldn't count on it without checking spec sheets.

Brian Ellis
13-Dec-2006, 18:45
Your Tachihara has a 22" extension. You could probably use a lens as long as maybe 20" with it. You'd be somewhat limited on your close-focusing ability but as long as you didn't plan to use it for close-ups a lens of that length should be functional. However, something in the 16" - 18" range might be more practical. I wasn't aware that there were any telephoto lenses that would cover 8x10 but then I've never had occasion to look for one.

John O'Connell
14-Dec-2006, 14:39
Nikkor 800T = 21" of extension for infinity. Covers 8x10 but of little use on your camera, because the extra 1" of extension doesn't go very far on an 800.

Schneider's 600 and the Nikkor 600T will work, and should focus down to about 1:4 on your camera.

Jeff Morfit
15-Dec-2006, 11:32
I think my wife is buying a 600mm Fujinon-C lens for one of my Christmas presents this year is the reason I asked. Thanks to everyone who contributed an answer.

Dominique Cesari
15-Dec-2006, 13:53
I own that camera; the 800 mm T ED Nikon may be used at intinity, but the extension is nearly completely out. A second tripod is mandatory, and even with it, the sturdiness is unsatisfacting.

The Fujinon 600 C will surely not work.