View Full Version : Rodenstock sironar 210mm S or N?

Former Member 8144
13-Dec-2006, 09:13
I am looking to get a rodenstock 210mm lens for use on 69 and 612 only..no 5x4 inches.
Shift/rise (25mm max) will be used but both these lenses have much bigger image circles than needed so I won't be getting to the edge of the lenses at all.

Are there big differences between the S and N lenses for use on these formats or is the main difference at the edges where I would not find it on 69 and 612?

I am also looking at the 180mm but this is, I believe, only available as S.



Bob Salomon
13-Dec-2006, 10:10
No the S is superior in all regards. Image circle is only one of many.

Bob Salomon
13-Dec-2006, 10:12
The N is currently made in only 150 and 210mm. In the past it was available from 105 to 480mm.

The S is made in 100 to 360mm focal lengths. The 180 is only available in the S and in a Macro.

Brian Vuillemenot
13-Dec-2006, 11:15
There is extensive previous commentary on this forum on the whole Apo-Sironar "S" vs. "N" debate. Just do a search and you'll get lots of opinions. Although none of these threads come to a definitive conclusion that everyone agrees on (do any?), any minor difference between the two probably amounts to splitting hairs on hairs. The very minor supposed differences in sharpness between the two will probably be non detectable under real world working conditions. In addition, since you will be using it for 6X9 and 6X12, you will be far away from the edge of the image circle, where the difference (if any) would be most apparent. The coverage of both is more than adequate for your purposes.

There are so many other factors (film flatness, secure tripod, focusing accuracy, use of optimal f-stops, etc.) that determine sharpness that it would be difficult to see any difference among modern multicoated lenses from the big four. Don't get me wrong, I'm a very satisified user of two different Apo-Sironar "S" lenses, and consider them an essential part of my photo gear. However, as I've watched the prices on these lenses nearly double over the last 5 years or so, and have seen used ones selling for more than brand new ones on the auction site, I wonder how much of it is due to all the hype that's been generated on them on this and other internet photography forums.