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Uri Kolet
12-Dec-2006, 18:58
Greetings to you all,
I've just joined the Forum the day after my 56th, and this is my 2nd post anywhere.
I'm an Airbus 340 pilot for Air Canada and I usually fly the Pacific routes now, having flown Europe,Africa,South and North America on Boeing 747s & 767s previously.
My father gave me a home darkroom and 3 folding Zeiss Ikons when I was 6, but I started large format seriously after attending an f32 workshop in Wales in 2003. Spent two weeks in the Outer Hebrides and the Small Isles of Scotland this past July.Divine!
(Was originally booked on a ferry up the Inside Passage to Alaska - until it sank!)
I play first violin in two Vancouver orchestras and read widely. I also enjoy sharp cheese and real ale.
My wife Naomi (her father taught me to fly on a yellow Tiger Moth biplane) and I are both from the tiny Jewish community in Delhi, India; we have three grown children - and one very new grandaughter.
Until recently I was the only pilot in the airline with no computer, no e-mail, no cell -phone, no fax, and no pager. Happily disconnected.
When I retire in 4 years we're looking forward to visiting places and returning home when ready; until then, I never let the job interfere with the hobbies.
Good light to you all.
P.S. A fellow LFer violinist and I share a baby buggy for the LF gear; he handcuffs the pram to his ankle so vagrants don't push it away while he's under the cloth. My wife says "If his patients or your passengers ever see you guys with a baby buggy handcuffed to your foot...."

12-Dec-2006, 19:51
Greetings Uri,

There are other LF shooters living in this great city of ours and we're ALL nutty about shooting film! :)

Congratulations on the new grand-daughter... you may have to get a "double" baby buggy now! :)

Welcome to the forum!


John Kasaian
13-Dec-2006, 00:23
Hello Uri!

Oren Grad
13-Dec-2006, 01:21
B'ruchim haba'im, Uri...

Ron Marshall
13-Dec-2006, 07:47
Welcome to the forum Uri. Pilot and LF photographer is a fortuitous combination, assuming you enjoy shooting in exotic locations.

Ralph Barker
13-Dec-2006, 08:35
Welcome to the LF Forum, Uri.

13-Dec-2006, 10:33
Welcome Uri from Hawaii. Glad to see you have joined us.