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Robert A. Zeichner
7-May-2000, 20:47
I had an opportunity to use a rather unique focusing cloth today. It resembles a black slitted skirt with an elastic waist band. You place the elastic part ar ound your head and pull the open portion over the the back of the camera. The s lit faces down so you can get your hands and loupe inside. Very light tight and impervious to wind problems. The owner said he got this from Zone VI, so I che cked Calumet's web site, but alas, no such item. Anyone have a clue where I cou ld buy one of these?

Richard Rankin
7-May-2000, 21:18
I'm not sure this is what you mean, but it sounds suspiciously like the BTZS focus cloth. You can get more info at http://darkroom- innovations.com/ (http://darkroom-innovations.com/)

Cheers, Richard

tim atherton
7-May-2000, 21:30

I have one of these - it isn't the BTZS cloth (it's kind of like a mk1 version of it). Don't know where it came from as it came with a (used) camera.

However, I have always used it the other way round! a la the btzs cloth (at least on 4x5 - the elastic fits the back). never thought of trying it the other way...

(maybe on 5x7 if I had one - I would look kind of nerdy though. I'd hard to photograph anything with people invloved while"wearing it"!)

Tim A

David A. Goldfarb
7-May-2000, 22:07
"Resembles a black slitted skirt with an elastic waistband," eh? I bet it's cheaper at K-Mart (or your favorite cheap clothing outlet) than from Zone VI.

John Hicks
7-May-2000, 22:19
It's the BTZS cloth or something very similar; you can buy one from www.darkroom -innovations.com. They'll need to know what camera you intend to use it on since sizes vary.

These aren't cheap but they're worth every cent.

Roger Allsup
9-Oct-2001, 19:05
Camera manufacturer Mike Walker of Walker Cameras (www.walkercameras.com) in Liverpool, England does a similar focusing cloth. He calls it his B/W tube type and it is elasticated. It sists on the camera like a large sock and the beauty is that it substantially reduces light leak and wind problems. It is also less bulky to carry in the horseblanket style square cloths. You will find it under his "Accessories" menu on his web site and I'm sure he would ship anywhere in the world from either an email or a fax order. He does not talk orders over the web. Apart from Mike Walker I know of at least 1 leading UK based landscape professional who uses a tube type cloth that he had made himself.