View Full Version : xtol dev times with fp4+

12-Dec-2006, 11:42

I thought I'd look and see what other people are doing.

FP4+ in Xtol.
1) What ru rating the film at?
2) What dilution (straight, 1:1, 1:2, 1:3)

A prof suggested that I take 15% off of the times given on digitaltruth for tray processing:
e.g digital truth says 1:1 rated at 125 is 10min. So I should be developing for 8.5 min.



Ron Marshall
12-Dec-2006, 12:25
I process FP4 in XTOL 1:3 but in a Jobo, so my times won't be any use to you. (7 min at 75 degrees). It gives me an EI of 125.

Henry Ambrose
12-Dec-2006, 22:29
FP4 at 100, Xtol 1:3 for 12 minutes at 70 degrees F in small tanks for roll film, sheets done in trays or hangers in tanks. Gentle agitation in small tanks every minute, hangers pulled and lowered once each minute, trays constant -slow- shuffling. The tray part shouldn't work out that way but I guess I'm lucky? All my agitation is on the very gentle or minimal side of things, for whatever that is worth.

Your times for 1:1 are probably in the neighborhood. But go ahead and try higher dilutions, you'll like it. And higher dilutions help with your tray having plenty of liquid in it. And remember to always have enough stock solution in the tray or tank. I use at least 125ml stock per 80 sq. in. of film which makes 500ml at 1:3 which is barely enough for sheets in a small tray. My preference in trays is to use 1 liter of working solution (250ml of stock) and 6 sheets of 4x5 film. Thats a convenient amount of liquid and the most film I can deal with in the tray.

I really like tanks and hangers best for sheet film. Excellent temperature control is easy and there is no skin to chemical contact. But there's nothing wrong with trays.

Joakim Ahnfelt
13-Dec-2006, 12:49
I processs with 1+1 for 9,5 min after a minute pre wet i water. ASA 125. Seems to be doing the trick.