View Full Version : Kodak Ektascan Medical Film

Drew Bedo
11-Dec-2006, 08:57
I have a partial box of a Medical Imaging film, Kodak Ektascan, in 8x10. I used to see it on e-bay at times, but no more. Does anyone have a hint on locating any more? Does Fuji make a similar product?

Glenn Thoreson
11-Dec-2006, 13:44
Most medical imaging has gone digital now, I think. I was given 600 feet of cardiographic imaging film because no one could even find information on it. It does make beautiful grain free negatives, though. I don't need no information, anyway. ASA 6, D-76 1:1 for 6 minutes. Hope you find more of what you seek.

Mike Kovacs
17-Dec-2006, 07:30
You can say that again. By going digital at our hospital we save 10's of thousands a dollars a year on film and processing chemicals. A lot of the procedures are digital anyway (CT, MRI, nuc med) so the "films" the physicians were reading were made with large film recorders.

Now I should go and check to see what film is left. I never considered this before.