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Gregory Ng
11-Dec-2006, 07:25

Circumstances are such that I will be in Ho Chi Min City,South Vietnam, in 2 days [no travel outside of the city] instead of the planned Mynmar trip. It will be raining and my subjects will mainly be temples, buildings and Vietnamese girls cycling on the streets. To impart a sense of motion for the girls, what shutter speed/s will be appropriate. What film should I use, TMX or TMY [no readyloads however].

When I photograph a rainy scene, what shutter speed/s will best bring out the sensation of rain?

Many Thanks

Ron Marshall
11-Dec-2006, 07:39
For slow moving bicycles 1/15 or 1/30 with panning. But it depends more on distance and direction the subject is moving. I'm not sure about rain.

Here is a shutter speed calculator for various situations:


TMY is lower contrast than TMX, the light is pretty harsh, and the extra speed and depth of field will be helpful.

Gregory Ng
12-Dec-2006, 16:07
Thanks Ron