View Full Version : Rodenstock / Caltar 65mm lenses

Former Member 8144
11-Dec-2006, 02:57
Can anyone give me a definitive answer as to wether the Caltar 65mm F4.5 lens is exactly the same as the Rodenstock 65mm F4.5 in everything but the name on the barrel.

I have ordered a heliocal lens adpater for a 612 camera for the rodenstock lens but am having some trouble tracking one down but have found the caltar version.


Ted Harris
11-Dec-2006, 06:35
In this instance you need to be precise in your nomenclature. If you are talking about the Caltar IIN then the answr is yes it is the same as the Grandagon N. If you are talking about an earlier Caltar (Caltar II S, SII, etc.) then there are several different answers and we need to know the exact lens you are asking about.

Former Member 8144
11-Dec-2006, 06:50
Hi Ted,
Yes it is the caltar II-N so if so these are exactly the same as the rodenstock grandagon n 65mm F4.5?
The rodenstock also has mc on the lens barrel as in multi coated..is the caltar the same there also?

thanks again.